Developing national capacity on vegetable grafting technology

Date: 2016-03-25.

12 young researchers of the Research Institute of Vegetable, Melon Crops and Potato were trained on vegetable grafting technology. Photo by Dr. Ravza Mavlyanova.

The greenhouse vegetable production in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus (CAC) is significantly below its potential due to a number of biotic and abiotic factors, including soil diseases (fusarium and nematodes), causing significant damage to plants and yields.

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New Opportunities for Conservation Agriculture in Uzbekistan

Date: 2016-03-15.

Newly developed no-till drill equipment was presented and analyzed during a training course on no-till technology and crop diversification. Photo by Dr. Aziz Nurbekov.

The world experience on adoption of conservation agriculture (CA) - one of the most important components of sustainable agriculture - suggests that the countries effectively using no-till drill machinery, are implementing CA practices the fastest.

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Strengthening national and international collaboration

Date: 2016-02-29.

Stakeholders from 8 countries of the CAC region gathered for the International Conference on Eurasian Food Security and Nutrition Network and Eurasian Soil Partnership held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan during 29 February - 2 March. Leading a plenary session, Dr. Kamel Shideed presented “ICARDA in Central Asia and the Caucasus: History of Collaboration and Achievements”. Photo by Rustam A. Ibragimov.

For many years the CGIAR Regional Program for Central Asia and the Caucasus program (CAC) has been successful in collaborating with local and international research institutions, public organizations, universities, farmers’ associations and other groups of partners.

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Evapotranspiration-based Irrigation Scheduling: A Promising Tool for Uzbek Farmers

Date: 2016-02-15.

Water Users Association (WUA) farmers of Fergana Valley took part in consultation and training sessions on improving irrigation water management at field and farm levels through adoption of water-saving technologies. Photo by Dr. Vinay Nangia.

Irrigated agriculture is the backbone of Uzbekistan’s economy.

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Promoting greenhouse technologies for protected agriculture

Date: 2016-02-01.

Containerized seedling production in the greenhouse, Kumsangir district, Tajikistan. Photo by Dr. Ravza Mavlyanova

Within the framework of CGIAR Regional Program in Central Asia and the Caucasus (CAC), The World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC) in collaboration with USAID have launched project activities on "Tajikistan Nutrition-Sensitive Vegetable Technologies" taking place in southwest Khatlon region of Tajikistan.

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