Отдел по Реализации Программы

Dr. Akmal Akramhanov

POSITION TITLE: Head, CGIAR Program Facilitation Unit and Regional Coordinator, ICARDA


CLASSIFICATION: Principal Scientist


The position reports to the CGIAR Program Steering Committee and is responsible for:

  • Providing the required support to the PSC and the Center Directors Committee Task Force in their functions. He/she acts as the Secretary to the PSC;
  • Preparing the annual work program and budget of PFU for approval by the PSC, in collaboration with the participating Centers;
  • Providing the necessary support to all Centers for effective implementation of the Program and efficient utilization of resources, including organization of meetings and workshops, language translation and interpretation, travel arrangements, communications, etc.
  • Ensuring that the PFU functions as a central documentation and information exchange center and as a repository for Program documents and publications, and developing mechanisms for information exchange through the use of appropriate information technology, including brief reports and a newsletter on agricultural research in CAC;
  • Assisting Consortium members in preparing collaborative projects with the NARS and arranging for their technical appraisal through the Center-designated focal point scientists before they are presented to the PSC;
  • Facilitating communication of Consortium members with relevant ARIs to ensure that the most appropriate science and technology is employed to develop interventions;
  • Maintaining contact with institutions outside the Program that have research activities in the Region;
  • Coordination of ICARDA’s activities in the region, as Coordinator of the Center’s Regional Program for CAC, devoting 30% of his/her time. Responsible to the DG of ICARDA through the ADG for this responsibility;
  • Ensuring the development and implementation of the regional research agenda for the CAC region, addressing shared research priorities of the region. This includes contributions to resource mobilization and proposal writing;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the research for development continuum in the CAC region by building needed partnerships along impact pathways to enhance the uptake of research outputs.

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