Training Workshop on Groundnut Improvement

Date: 2004-09-13.

A workshop on groundnut improvement in the CAC Region was held in Tashkent from 13-17 September, 2004. Organized jointly by ICRISAT and CGIAR-PFU for CAC. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. M. Tashboltaev, First Deputy Director General of the Uzbek Scientific Production Center for Agriculture (UzSPCA). He emphasized the important role of the groundnut for crop diversification and better income generation for resource poor farmers of the CAC region. Eight participants from five CAC countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) attended the workshop. ICRISAT was represented by Drs. Shyam Nigam and Rachakonda Aruna, whereas from CGIAR-PFU for CAC, Drs. Raj Paroda and Zakir Khalikulov participated.

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Second IRRI Workshop Organized

Date: 2004-09-09.

A three-day training workshop titled "From seed to market: a system approach to rice improvement in Central Asia" was held from 9-11 September, 2004 in Tashkent . Similarly as the first one, conducted in August, 2003, this workshop was jointly sponsored and organized by IRRI and the CGIAR-PFU for CAC.

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Second INCANA Meeting held in Tashkent

Date: 2004-09-06.

The Second Meeting of Inter-regional Cotton Network for Central Asia and North Africa (INCANA) was held in Tashkent , Uzbekistan from 6-8 September, 2004. The meeting was organized by PFU and ICARDA-CAC Regional Office under the umbrella of Central Asian and Caucasian Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (CACAARI).

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ICBA-ICARDA Training Course held in Tashkent

Date: 2004-09-02.

A training course on "Biosaline Agriculture: Principles and Applications, with reference to the Central Asia and Caucasus Region", organized jointly by the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) and ICARDA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan and Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration (TIIM), was held from 2-9 September, 2004 in Tashkent. A total of 35 participants from five Central Asian countries and Azerbaijan attended the course.

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Dr. Francisco Reifschneider visits CGIAR Program for CAC

Date: 2004-07-27.

Dr. Francisco Reifschneider , Director, CGIAR along with Mr. Salah Brahimi recently paid a brief visit to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and saw various activities undertaken by the nine CG Centers as CGIAR Consortium partners for Eco-regional Program for Sustainable Agriculture Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

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