Calendar of Events - 2013

December  2013
10 - 13 December Conservation Agriculture for Irrigated Areas in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan Tashkent, Uzbekistan ICARDA-CAC
4 - 5 December ICARDA 14th Regional Coordination Meeting for Central Asia and the Caucasus Baku, Azerbaijan ICARDA-CAC
November  2013
29 November - 4 December 53rd Meeting of ICARDA Board of Trustees Baku, Azerbaijan ICARDA
26 - 28 November VI Steering Committee Meeting on “Central Asia and the Caucasus Vegetable Research and Development Network” Tashkent, Uzbekistan AVRDC-CAC
August  2013
20 - 21 August CAC Wheat Breeders’ Meeting Tashkent/Karshi, Uzbekistan ICARDA-CAC / Uzbek Scientific Production Center for Agriculture
12 - 14 August Dryland Systems CRP research planning Fergana, Uzbekistan ICARDA-CAC
May  2013
21 - 26 May International Winter Wheat Travelling Seminar Karshi, Gallaral, Tashkent Uzbekistan Uzbek Scientific Production Center for Agriculture / International Wheat Improvement Program / ICARDA-CAC
13 - 14 May A two day Stakeholder Workshop of the “Improving Livelihoods of Small Farmers and Rural Women through Value-Added Processing and Export of Cashmere, Wool and Mohair” IFAD/ICARDA Grant project Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz RI of Farming, Kyrgyz Agrarian University, ICARDA-CAC, CGIAR-PFU
March  2013
17 - 19 March Integrated Crop-Livestock Conservation Agriculture for Sustainable Intensification of Cereal-based Systems in North Africa and Central Asia project Inception Workshop Dushanbe, Tajikistan Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan and ICARDA-CAC
February  2013
26 February - 1 March Central Asia and Caucasus Regional Expert Consultation on cereals diseases, pests, weeds monitoring and cereals breeding Almaty, Kazakhstan ICARDA-CAC/FAO/CIMMYT

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