CGIAR Research Program "Dryland Systems"

Regional Inception Workshop

12-14 June 2012, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Expected outcomes of Regional Inception Workshop:

  1. Discussion and adoption of specific research hypotheses for the Action Sites, based upon a problem analysis of the key constraints and challenges;
  2. Review of impact pathway based upon problem analysis, successful interventions, and identified research-for-development gaps;
  3. Validation of Action Sites and Satellite Sites;
  4. Review and agreement on initial activities for three years proposed in each Action Site;
  5. Confirmation of partners’ roles;
  6. Validation of implementation plan with impact indicators;
  7. Review and completion of Action Site characterization information.

Workshop Outputs

Outputs (leading to these outcomes):

  1. Problem analysis for each Action Site discussed in working groups and tentative hypotheses reviewed, elaborated, and adopted;
  2. Review of successful interventions (or lessons learned from failures) presented and working group discussion to validate priority interventions;
  3. Synthesis of problems for which no successful interventions have been identified; working group discussion of possible interventions or strategy to design them;
  4. Feedback and inputs from partner groups about proposed research hypotheses and interventions and their potential roles;
  5. Working groups discuss and validate impact pathways and implementation plans.

Background Documents

Program of the Regional Inception Workshop for CAC

Research Hypotheses

Outputs and Activities - last consolidated version, July 2012

CRP 1.1 Site Characterization Data

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Press Release

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CRP 1.1 Document

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