CGIAR Research Program "Dryland Systems"

Identify and introduce stress tolerant, high-yielding and improved quality varieties of cereals, potato, vegetable, horticultural, fodder crops through on-farm adaptive trials


Identifying frost and salinity tolerant winter wheat varieties with better and reliable yields will reach more farmers who cultivate in the prevalent crop-livestock systems to improve the competitiveness of crops within farming systems and sustain production under abiotic stresses. Cultivation of drought and heat tolerant legumes and potato as a second crop will increase income, improve human nutrition and soil health.

Geographical Location (s) including the Action Sites:

Main Activities:

Gender dimension:

Men and women, primarily young researchers will be trained in the areas of conducting standard field experiments, crop management and evaluation.

Research Outputs:

Research Outcomes:

(i) At least 20 varieties of wheat, chickpea, mungbean and potato superior to the locally grown varieties identified.

(ii) Capacity of at least five young researchers strengthened in scientific management of field experimentation.

iii) Capacity of at least two young researchers strengthened in experimental design and in application of statistical software.

(iv) At least 50 men and women farmers, seed producers, researchers and policy makers learned about new, improved varieties of winter wheat and chickpea.