Centers' Staff

Mr. Makhmud Shaumarov

Position: Research Field Coordinator

Email: m.shaumarov [at]


Research Area: Rural Development, Integrated Natural Resources Management

Research Topic: Institutions for the Sustainable Management of Dryland Pastoral Systems

Publications List

Shaumarov M. & Birner R.  (2013): Which Institutional Arrangements Can Halt Pastoral Degradation in Uzbekistan? A Political Economy Perspective. Paper presentation at DT11: Desert Technology 11 International Conference. The Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, the Texas A&M University. San Antonio, TX (USA), Nov 19-22, 2013


Toderich K.N., Shuyskaya E.V., Rajabov T.F., Ismail S., Shaumarov M., Yoshiko K. & Li E.V. (2013): Chapter 13: Uzbekistan: Rehabilitation of Desert Rangelands Affected by Salinity, to Improve Food Security, Combat Desertification and Maintain the Natural Resource Base. In:  A.G. Heshmati and V.R. Squires (Eds): Combating Desertification in Asia, Africa and the Middle East: Proven Practices. Springer, Dordrecht. pp 249- 278.


Shaumarov M. & Birner R. (2013): Dryland Pastoral Systems in Transition: What are the Options for Institutional Change in Uzbekistan? Research paper presentation at the 53rd Annual Conference of the German Society of Economic and Social Sciences in Agriculture (GEWISOLA) ‘How Much Market and How Much Regulation Does Sustainable Agricultural Development Need?’ Berlin (Germany), Sep 25-27, 2013.


Shaumarov M. & Birner R. (2013): Which Institutional Arrangements Can Halt Pastoral Degradation in Uzbekistan’s Rangeland Systems? A Political Economy Perspective. Poster presented at TROPENTAG-2013: ‘Agricultural Development within the Rural-urban Continuum’. The University of Hohenheim. Stuttgart (Germany), Sep 17-19, 2013.


Shaumarov M. (2013): Contribution of Scientific Knowledge to Dryland Pastoral System Development in Uzbekistan. Research paper presented at International Academic Conference ‘Agricultural Knowledge and Knowledge Systems in Post-Soviet Societies’. Center for Development Research/ZEF, the University of Bonn, Bonn (Germany), Sep 12-13, 2013.


Shaumarov M. & Birner R. (2013): Communal, Private or Public: What are the Governance Options for Dryland Pastoral Systems in Uzbekistan? Research paper presented at IAMO Forum 2013: ‘Rural Areas in Transition’. Leibnitz Institute for Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe - IAMO, Halle (Germany), Jun 19-21, 2013.


Shaumarov M., Toderich K.N., Shuyskaya E.V., Ismail S., Rajabov T.F. & Kozan O. (2012): Chapter 16: Participatory Management of Desert Rangelands to Improve Food Security and Sustain the Natural Resource Base in Uzbekistan. In:  V.R. Squires (Ed): Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia: Balancing Improved Livelihoods, Biodiversity Conservation and Land Protection. Springer, Dordrecht. pp 381-404.


Shaumarov M.  (2008):  Peasants’ Perspectives Towards Development Interventions: Case studies of ‘Community Agriculture and Watershed Management Project’ and ‘Household Food Security Project’ in Zarafshan Valley of Tajikistan. Thesis presented to pursue Master of Science Degree at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). September, 2008.


Shaumarov M., Pulatov B., Li R., Su A. & Zhao X. (2008): Prediction of the Climate Change Cycles for Minimizing Wheat Production Risks in Central Asia and People’s Republic of China. Research paper presented at Environmental Policy Group seminar on ‘Research Methods in Environmental Science’, the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands).


Shaumarov M., Okebie N. & Kleber H. (2007): Insights on Intercultural Communication, Values and Importance: Evidence from Selected Case Studies in Nigeria, Germany and Uzbekistan. Research paper for seminar on ‘Communication and Cooperation’ at Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).


Shaumarov M. (2007): Supply Chain and Value Chain Theories and Applications. Paper presented for seminar on ‘Agricultural Management’ at Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).


Shaumarov M. & Khan A., (2007): Impact of Rural Cooperatives Formation in Uzbekistan. Paper presented for seminar on ‘Cooperation and Cooperatives’ at Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).


Shaumarov M., Gendera S. & Flora de Asis (2007): Participation in German International Bilateral Cooperation. Empirical research paper presented for ‘Participatory Research Methods’ workshop, Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).


Shaumarov M. (2006): Assessment Concepts and Indicators for Sustainable Agriculture. Research paper presented for seminar on ‘Environmental Management and Quality Information Systems’ at Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany).


Shaumarov M. (2004): Implementation of International Extension Service System in Agriculture of Uzbekistan. Research Paper presented to pursue Bachelor of Science Degree at Tashkent State Agrarian University (Uzbekistan), March, 2004.


Dr. Ram Sharma Head, PFU-CGIAR / Regional Coordinator, ICARDA-Tashkent / Senior Scientist / Breeder r.c.sharma [at]
Mr. Rustam Ibragimov Deputy Head of Representative Office r.ibragimov [at]
Dr. Aziz Nurbekov Project Regional Coordinator a.nurbekov [at]
Dr. Akmal Akramkhanov Project coordinator, Knowledge management in CACILM II a.akramkhanov [at]
Mr. Nariman Nishanov Project Field Research Coordinator n.nishanov [at]
Mr. Tulkun Yuldashev Irrigation-Drainage Specialist t.yuldashev [at]
Mr. Makhmud Shaumarov Research Field Coordinator m.shaumarov [at]
Mr. Shukhrat Amanov Research Assistant for Crop Improvement s.amanov [at]

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