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Dr. Akmal Akramkhanov

Position: Project coordinator, Knowledge management in CACILM II

Email: a.akramkhanov [at]


Research Area: Sustainable Land Management

Publications List

Akramkhanov, A., B. Tischbein, U. K. Awan. 2014 (in print). Effective management of soil salinity - revising leaching norms. In: JPA Lamers, A. Khamzina, I. Rudenko, PLG Vlek (Eds.): Restructuring land and water use in the lower Amudarya region: Policies and practices.


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Park, S.J., G.R. Ruecker, W.A. Agyare, A. Akramkhanov, D. Kim and P.L.G. Vlek. 2009. Influence of grid cell size and flow routing algorithm on soil-landform modeling. Journal of the Korean Geographical Society 44: 122-145.


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Choudhary, M.A., A. Akramkhanov, and S. Saggar 2001. Nitrous oxide emissions in soils cropped with maize under long-term tillage and under permanent pasture in New Zealand. Soil and Tillage Research 62: 61-71.


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