Centers' Staff

Mr. Nariman Nishanov

Position: Project Field Research Coordinator

Email: n.nishanov [at]


Research Area: International Development, Poverty Reduction, Linking Rural Producers to Markets

Research Topic: Evolution of Small Ruminant Market Value Chain in the Transition Economies of Central Asia

Publications List

  1. Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Poverty Reduction: the Case of Central Asia, Sustainable Development Studies Program, Alumni Publications, Volume 2, 2006, JICA Alumni Association in Uzbekistan


Dr. Ram Sharma Head, PFU-CGIAR / Regional Coordinator, ICARDA-Tashkent / Senior Scientist / Breeder r.c.sharma [at]
Mr. Rustam Ibragimov Deputy Head of Representative Office r.ibragimov [at]
Dr. Aziz Nurbekov Project Regional Coordinator a.nurbekov [at]
Dr. Akmal Akramkhanov Project coordinator, Knowledge management in CACILM II a.akramkhanov [at]
Mr. Nariman Nishanov Project Field Research Coordinator n.nishanov [at]
Mr. Tulkun Yuldashev Irrigation-Drainage Specialist t.yuldashev [at]
Mr. Makhmud Shaumarov Research Field Coordinator m.shaumarov [at]
Mr. Shukhrat Amanov Research Assistant for Crop Improvement s.amanov [at]

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